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Who is Cüneyt Darı ?

Who is Cüneyt Darı ?

Misirlioglu Design Group was founded in 2005. With a team of almost 100 architects and engineers in Turkey and abroad my company has developed projects and built more than 60 tourism complexes, 5 shopping centers, and 3 000 residences over the course of 15 years.

In the Macao region of Donimican Republic currently we are working on the design and construction of 7 different 5-star hotels, residences, shopping centers, casinos, water parks and villas on a plot of 1.700.000 m2.

In the attached file you can find the mentioned project. I have visited your beautiful country many times over the course of three years. I admire your country. The development and implementation of projects here is very important for me and my team.

We have awesome partnership with several architectural and tourism companies in the Dominican Republic. We will make every effort to develop this cooperation. If you approve of this cooperation and consider it possible, I would like to make an official visit to the honorary consulate of your country.In order to expand our partnership and cooperation. Kindest regards respectfully.


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